Saturday, August 1, 2009


Daddy was leaving for work one morning this week & I thought he was leaving without hugs - I ran to the door & called out, "I want a hug Daddy!"
As Mommy was putting me to bed the other night I told her, "I want to ride a concrete truck!"
While BB was here she was cooking dinner & had opened the fridge - I stood in it to help her. When she was ready to close the fridge she gently put her hand on my shoulder so that I would move. I looked up at her & said, "Don't push me BB. Don't push me!"
Fun words: Triangle - tritrangle; Fire Engine - fire in; Chip - chup; Pillow - pullow
When I want to do something by myself I say, "My do it!" or "Michael do it!"
When I don't want something to happen I say, "No, I not." Example: "Michael, do you need your diaper changed?" "No, I not."

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