Saturday, August 1, 2009

Holding Kate

Mommy & I survived our first full week with Kate by ourselves! I was a great helper to Mommy! There were a few times when she looked really tired & teary - I would say, "What happened Mommy? What happened?" We stayed busy this week - we played at Molly's house, I went to Mother's Day Out, we took Kate to the mall & to the grocery store & we went for several walks to enjoy the beautiful weather! No wonder Mommy is tired! :) I did such a good job at sharing Mommy's attention with Kate. I love being a big brother! I either want to hold her, kiss her & give her hugs or I just ignore her:) I act like she has always been a part of our family! Mommy & Daddy are so happy that I am adjusting so well! Many times this week I really wanted to hold Kate. I would tell Mommy, "I want to hold her! Hold Kate Mommy!" "Take a picture Mommy! Take another picture!"

I show a lot of interest in Kate's little hands & feet.

I love holding Kate's hand.

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Ross Family said...

I'm glad that Michael has adjusted well and that you survived the first week alone. Kate is just beautiful and Michael is so handsome. Congratulations again and thank you for Kate's announcement.