Monday, September 28, 2009

Catching Up!

We've been busy lately! Mommom came to visit last week - Mommy & Mommom have the same birthday, so they always try to get together & celebrate. This year it was a week after their birthday, but close enough! We had a great time with Mommom & I kept her busy playing cars:)
Last week on my MDO day, we woke up to rainy, fall weather. I was excited to wear my jacket & tennis shoes!
Yesterday Aunt Amanda came by to meet Kate while she was in town! I was taking a nap & didn't get to see her :( But Mommy & Daddy were so happy that she made time to stop by!

And last but not least, meet our spider, 'Charlotte.' When she first showed up, Daddy looked her up online & confirmed that she was a 'good spider.' So, we let her hang around - She made herself at home next to our front door for over a week. She died yesterday. Of course Mommy wasn't too sad about that.

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