Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Funny Michael!

I had fun sitting in one of my toy boxes! While I was sitting in it, I had Daddy fill it with my cars - I thought this was so fun!
A few funny, random things I have said recently -
*I call Mommy 'See-sa.' I must have heard someone call Mommy Lisa, so See-sa is my version of her name. I will say, "See-sa! Come ere!"
*The other day I told Mommy & Daddy, "Molly is my best friend!"
*I was eating my brocolli at dinner-I looked at Mommy & said, "This is good!"
*I announced to Mommy the other day, "Mommy is smart!"
Yesterday I asked Mommy where Daddy was. She said he was at work. I said, "No, Daddy not at work. Daddy buying cheese."
*At lunch I told Mommy, "Mommy have eyebrows. Michael have eyebrows!" Mommy told me that I have blonde eyebrows. Then she asked me what color eyebrows she has. I said, "Pink!" And then I laughed hysterically:)
I was changing my bear's diaper. I had the diaper on him & a wipe ready - when I opened the diaper, I looked in it & said, "Oh wow!" Mommy couldn't stop laughing:)
Mommy was talking to me & I looked at her with my hand held in the air & said, "Stop Mommy! Stop! Stop talking! Kate sleeping!"

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