Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quite the Talker

I am just talking away these days. The other day I hurt my leg & went to Mommy. She hugged me & gave me a kiss - I looked up at her & said, "You're making me feel better!" I am quick to correct Mommy & Daddy - I don't really have an understanding of synonyms yet - so if Mommy says, "Move your car," I will say, "No, a pick-up truck, not a car." If she says, "Finish your crackers," I will say, "No, these are goldfish, not crackers." Mommy & Daddy have been trying to sing with me more. Depending on my mood, I like it. I love Jesus Loves Me, the ABC's, & the New Testament song. I am learning to sing along, although sometimes I don't want to hear singing & I will let them know, "No singing, I want to play cars." A humerous thing I said the other night revealed to Mommy that I am all boy - I tooted, then giggled & said, "I've got gas in my bottom." Mommy told me to say excuse me, so I said, "Excuse me gas."

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