Friday, December 4, 2009

Kate is 5 months old! December 2, 2009

We just can't believe Kate is 5 months old. She is such a joy to our family! She is constantly happy, smiling, laughing & making fun squeals. At her 4 month appointment (2 weeks ago) Kate weighed 13 lbs, 12 oz (50th %) & was 25" long (70th %). A few things Kate is doing - she wakes up happy each morning; she is rolling on her side to play; she sucks on her hands or toys all the time; she likes to sit assisted by the Boppy or the BeBe Pod chair; she is sleeping great at night; she can be entertained for quite some time just by watching me play. We love you Kate!

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Amber said...

Oh, Alisa! She's darling! We miss you guys. I hope you are doing well, and Happy Holidays!