Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time for an Update -

Hi friends & family! Boy, has May been a busy month! Mommy went to Louisville, KY for a ladies' leadership & had a wonderful time, Mommy & Daddy had their 8 year anniversary, OKC had a lovely hailstorm with baseball size hail (which is getting us a new roof, gutters, back door & repairs to our Yukon), Uncle Matt & Aunt Manda came for a quick visit, ETC, ETC. Things are finally slowing down a little bit, so Mommy has some time to blog! Kate & I are doing great! We had our last day of BSF last week & our last day of Mother's Day Out yesterday, so Summer is Here! Yay! Kate is doing her own style of moving - she scoots, crawls backwards & likes to pull up to her knees - see photo below -
Today we went to the zoo & although it was very warm & humid, we had a great time! We LOVED the swings! We also got to see a bear drink from a baby bottle, which was quite entertaining!
This is Kate's version of waving hi!

A few funnies from me that Mommy wants to remember:
After dinner the other night Daddy said to Mommy, "Thanks for the great dinner babe!" I looked at Daddy & said, "No, she's my babe!

"Hey Mommy! Do you want to play with my cool car?! I got it in my hamburger! It's pretty cool!" (It was a car I had gotten in my happy meal)

We were walking through the neighborhood & I made a comment about everything - "I like that red car!! Yeah, I do! I like it!" "I like that blue car! I do like it!!" "I like that bird! Do you like birds Mommy? Do you like birds Kate?"

When I woke up the other morning I asked where Daddy was & Mommy said at work. I said, "I love Daddy all the time. Yeah, I do. I hug him & kiss him. I love him Mommy!"

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Ross Family said...

The kids are getting so big and are adorable. We hate to hear that you suffered damage from the storm but are glad that you all are ok and can have the damages fixed. Have a great summer!