Monday, June 7, 2010

Miss Kate

I turned 11 months old last week & it has been so crazy around here (Go here to find out more) that Mommy has yet to take my picture with a "11 month old" sign. She better hurry or I will be 1 & the sign won't be accurate! My family can't believe I am weeks from being 1. HOW did that happen?!
Here are a few things about me at 11 months -
I am crawling. I 'officially' started on Saturday, June 5th, but I had been doing my own kind of moving for a few weeks prior. I am also pulling up to my knees on things. I love to stick out my tongue a lot - This is fairly new. I love to say hi by sticking out my arm & whispering, "hi" softly. See the first photo. I have 5 teeth. I LOVE bathtime & cry when Mommy takes me out of the tub. The 3rd photo is me in my swimsuit, ready to swim! I have also started moving around in my crib a lot. When Mommy comes to get me in the morning or after naps I am usually sitting up, playing with my ocean wonders toy.

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