Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Texas Adventures

Mommy, Kate & I spent 11 days in Texas - we went to Lewisville for Kate's party, then to Arlington to stay at Luke & Claire's house, to Austin to see Mommy's girlfriends & kids, to Fredericksburg to see Mommom & Papa George, to San Antonio (to shop for the day) & to Salado to see Po & Nana. We slept 5 different places! We had a wonderful time but we were definitely glad to sleep in our own beds when we got home!

Mommom took us to downtown Fredericksburg & I saw this cool water wheel! I also played at the playground & went down the slides a million times!
Me with Mommom!
Whiskers & I had a good chat one afternoon
I was fascinated with Papa George's trailer filled with old wagon wheels & tools.
We loved being in Salado with Po & Nana! - I loved their backyard & their swing. We also went down to Salado creek to throw rocks & play at the playground! It was a blast!

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