Friday, August 20, 2010

A Fun Visit!

Last week Mommy's friend (for 26 years) Candice & her 2 girls, Maddie & Audrey, came to visit for a few days. Mommy & Candice had a wonderful time catching up, while Maddie & I played really well together - really, there was very little refereeing from the mommies!! Audrey, 3 months old, slept most of the time, but she had lots of fun too!
Kate wanting Audrey to wake up & play!
I wanted to hold Audrey - she was a good sport :)
Maddie, Kate, Me & Audrey (Priceless look on Audrey's face! I think she has had enough of the group photo session :)
Sweet Audrey taking a nap
Hanging out with Audrey

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