Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Busy...

Kate has been getting clothes out of her drawers and putting them on in creative ways :)
She entertains herself with books everyday.
Playing with her baby - this has been happening more since Baby David has been home.
Already trying to be a little mommy.
Michael was very proud of his tower. And he looks so grown up in this picture!
Trying on Mommom's houseshoes.
Michael loves to play games on my phone. Kate wanted to play too.
Playing with cars together. And very well I might add :)
Lately Kate has been going to her room to get a diaper & wipes. Then she lays down on the floor and waits for someone to change her. I think she is ready to be potty trained. Too bad I don't have any energy to train her right now. Hopefully soon.
Michael has been making his bed by himself!
Ahhh, dirt. So much fun!

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