Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Funny Michael

*Last night Michael brought Bear & our small Boppy into the living room & said, "I'm going to feed Bear like you feed David, Mommy." He sat down with the Boppy (Photo in below post), lifted up his shirt & put Bear on his tummy. Then he lifted up Bear & made him cry, "Waa, Waa, Waa." Then he said, "Be quiet Bear, you need to eat!" & then he hit Bear on the head. He continued to feed Bear & Andy walked into the living room & told Michael it was time to get his teeth brushed. M said, "In a second, I'm feeding Bear." Andy said, "Bear's full. He needs to burp." He took Bear from M & pretended to burp him & then made a pretend burping sound. It was SO funny! Who needs TV when we have this kind of entertainment??
*The other night after dinner I gave M his vitamins. He sat them on the kitchen table & Andy came into the kitchen & asked Michael why his vitamins were on the table. Michael very matter-of-factly said, "Well, my penis flipped out of my underwear and I had to put it back." Wow. Kids have no filter. They just tell it like it is :)
*Michael was pushing the grocery cart & making a really loud noise. Andy asked him what he was doing & Michael said, "Well, that's my machine noise. It's kinda different...I'm pretending."
*We were driving on the highway & a motorcycle passed us. Michael said, "Look Mommy! He's wearing a helmet! He made a good decision!"
Love our funny, sweet 4 year old! He is really keeping us on our toes & keeping us laughing these days - and sometimes I want to pull my hair out :) But we love him so.


bp said...

Those are great stories! I think it's great how you record these funny things so you can look back and remember them in the future.

Caleb used to say "good job motorcycle man" and do the thumbs up sign.

Sounds like Michael is so much fun!


Matt and Manda said...

Oh my goodness, I just laughed out loud at my desk reading this! Oh how I love that boy! He is definetly a Nelson =)