Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Girl

Kate is just a funny, funny girl. She is our little entertainer. Above photo - She is sticking out her tongue, waiting for more pineapple.
Some funny things she's been saying - "I pretty Mommy." "I cute Mommy." "I funny Mommy." And then she laughs & laughs :) She LOVES to sing & sings all the time - Andy made up a really cute song about washing your body when he gives them a bath, so she sings that a lot - "Wash your body, wash wash your body." She also loves to say, "ABC, sing with me! A, B, C...and then she trails off & gets some of the letters correct - different ones at different times :) She also loves Old McDonald & helping with the animal sounds. She says, "E, I, E, I, EEEEE."
She is becoming quite the little mommy - her favorite toys right now are diapers & wipes. She puts diapers on all her favorite dolls & stuffed animals. She loves to get me a diaper & wipes for David - "Here Mommy, Here. A diaper for David." She also has become quite the expert at giving David his pacifier. Her favorite food at breakfast is Cheerios. She gets so excited when she sees me pouring them in her bowl - "Yay! Cheerios!"
She is a DELIGHT & we are so thankful for her! We can't believe she will be 2 in 2 weeks!

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