Tuesday, September 13, 2011

David is 4 Months Old! 9-11-11

We are loving every minute with this sweet little guy! He is just growing way to fast! He is doing great - sleeping SO well, eating well (I weaned him this month & transitioned him to formula) & he is consistently happy & content. He is having to learn how to be flexible with his naptimes because of our schedule with Michael & Kate...not as much home time these days. But he is handling it pretty well. He loves his hands - most of the time he has them clasped like in the first picture or he is chewing on them. He dropped his swaddle around his arms this month & he seems to be done with the pacifier - just not interested in it. We love you so much David!
By the way, I am really enjoying these month by month stickers that my sweet friend Carrie gave me - They are called Sticky Bellies - You can purchase them here.

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