Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kate's Shenanigans...

Kate has been quite a busy girl lately...busy as in the "don't look away too long, she is up to something" kind of way!
Kate loves the built in desk in her room - the other day I went to check on her & she had put the entire contents of her bookshelf in this drawer. Yipee. She is telling me all about it in the above photo.
Also this day when I got her up from her nap I realized she had a nice sized cut in her shirt. Where she found scissors & used them is my question.
Kate loves her "friends" Minnie, Bunny & Blanket (Yes, Blanket is a friend :) She carries them into the kitchen after naptime each day. I wanted a photo of her holding all of them but she dropped them right when I took the pic.
Love this pic!
She has discovered that it is fun to dump all the contents of her toy boxes into her bed. We took a little disciplinary action on this one, so hopefully it won't happen again :)
A few other adventures recently -
*She ate a worm. Yes, you read that correctly. We went fishing last Thursday & when Andy wasn't looking she reached down into the dirt of the worm box, pulled out a piece of worm (not a whole worm, lol) & ate it, before Andy could do anything. Gross. Kate, we will tell this story about you for years to come :) But a few days later she ate something that beats the worm in grossness. Andy & I went to the new OKC outlet mall (which I will NEVER take all 3 kids to again - complete disaster!!) Andy agreed to watch Kate & give David a bottle while Michael & I quickly went to a few stores that I wanted to go in. While Andy was feeding D, K reached under the table, pulled off a piece of already-chewed-gum & PUT IT IN HER MOUTH! AHHHHHH! Thankfully Andy caught her & pulled it out of her mouth. When he told me (I wish he hadn't!) I wanted to POUR the antibacterial gel in her mouth! I didn't, but I wanted to :) On a side note, Andy was in charge of brushing K's teeth after both incidents! 
Sunday at the restaurant after church she found the salt shaker & somehow managed to pour most of it out on the table & all over her. I promise, we are supervising this girl! Yesterday I took K & D to Kohl's after dropping M off at Pre-K. After we had been there a few minutes I noticed she had a large sticker on her shirt. I didn't remember her getting a sticker so I bent down to look at it - It said, "Adjustable Waistband." She had pulled it off a pair of pants at some point. Oh this little lady - she is a laugh a minute I tell you! 

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McCullough Family said...

Funny girl! Every family needs one of these :) I am afaird mine will be #3! And I love the picture too and like that I am seeing your new house in the background :)