Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sweet Childhood

Do you ever find yourself feeling extra sentimental? I've had one of those weeks this week -
 I loved watching Kate feed her baby.
   I loved our fun morning of crafts & baby dolls.
I love watching David play with the Taggy blanket that Michael played with too.
 I love this sweet face & his toothless baby grins.
 I loved finding Michael's Santa Dog, Birdie & Bear all tucked in for the day on his bed when I got home from taking him to school. 
 I love the small Christmas tree in Michael & Kate's bathroom. It had a few ornaments on it and as they have brought home Christmas crafts from church & school, I have added them to the tree. 
I love our sweet boy - 5 years old in 7 weeks! Now that's just crazy!!

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