Monday, February 6, 2012

Michael's 5th Birthday Party

 Michael had a very fun birthday party to celebrate turning 5. For several months he told me he wanted a Lightening McQueen party. Then a few weeks before he told me he wanted a Cars 2 party. I had a great time making his cake & he was so excited that Lightening McQueen & Finn McMissile were on it! His sweet friends Zachary & Molly came, along with lots of family. We had a wonderful time celebrating our special Michael! I was really glad we had the party at 10:30 because once Michael awoke at 7:30 I can't count how many times he asked, "When will my party start?!" He was one excited little boy!
 The road cake, traffic light cookies & road tablecloth were all ideas I found on Pinterest! 
 It's cute how kids get so focused when presents are being opened :)
 Thanks Molly for Michael's fireman jacket! He loves it!
After the party Kate, Michael & Molly had fun "cooking" together. We love how these 3 play so well together.
We also had a special birthday cake for Grandad & Andy later that afternoon! 

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