Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Phone Pics

 1. As I walked into Kate's room she said, "Mommy! Minnie is asweep! Pwease be quiet!" 2. Michael loves his new bed! 3. Michael, Kate & friends at the zoo 4. Kate helping me grocery shop 
 Funny David's favorite trick right now. He does it all the time! 
 Showing off during dinner time :-)
1. Kate loves her "princess dress" that I found at our neightborhood garage sale this weekend. 2. She also loves her sunglasses 3. Michael loves to watch the construction - he will be sad when all the houses are built across the street & the construction ends. I will not be sad. 4. David learned how to pull up & climb the stairs in the same day - baby gate!!!

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The Goforths said...

David has the same moves as Wyatt!