Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer is Here

 Michael's last day of Pre-K - he cried when I picked him up. He has loved his teachers & school. He only missed 1 day the entire year!
 Michael & Kate ran into the kitchen & said, "Mommy! We're deer!" So clever :-)
 Michael's last soccer game was Saturday - his team won & Michael scored 4 of the goals! It has been a very successful first season of soccer for him & I see lots of soccer in our future. He LOVES it!! 
 Michael's Pueblo hut that he made at school
Michael & Kate definitely have their moments, but lately they have been playing together pretty well. This week they have been taking vacations - their vacations are always on the first landing of our staircase. They take all their "friends" (stuffed animals), pillows, blankets etc on vacation. I love their creativity!!

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