Saturday, July 21, 2012

Girl Time!!

While in Texas, I was able to have 3 glorious days of girl time (thanks to my Mom for keeping M, K & D!!!) with these sweet friends - Elizabeth, Carrie & Julie. As Carrie said on her FB status while we were together, "Elementry, jr. High, high school, college, marriage, jobs, 9 kids, joys, sorrows, fun, 4 different cities = life long friends! so thankful for these girls & 23+ years of friendship!" 

 One of us suggested a jumping picture but it just didn't go very well - too much coordination required to get all four of us jumping at the same time! But we had fun & Carrie & I managed to be jumping at the same time :-)

 On Wednesday night we went downtown & ate Mexican food at "Mexican Manhattan." At first we were doubtful & almost decided to go somewhere else. The front looked a little shabby. But we were so glad we tried it out. We sat on the balcony along the riverwalk & had a beautiful view, fabulous service & yummy food. The waitress basically told us what to order, which we were all thrilled about because none of us were in the mood to make decisions :-)

 We walked to the Alamo after dinner 
On Thursday we managed to take a good jumping picture :-) We went for a walk, did some shopping & ate at Pei Wei - a tradition for us.

 On Friday we got pedicures and went back to the Riverwalk for dinner at a yummy Italian place, Paesano's.

 LOVE these girls! Can't wait until we can get together again!! 

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