Friday, August 3, 2012

July Phone Pictures

 While we were at Mom's house, she gave Michael this RV/Car Lego set. The box said ages 5-12 years old. He took the kit out into their guest house by himself & 3 hours later he walked back into the main house with it completely finished, all by himself. Our jaws dropped when he showed it to us. I couldn't believe he followed the directions without asking for help one time!
 1. Headed to TX, turtle float & all. 2. I'm sure the construction workers across the street think it's funny that a little boy sits in a chair on his porch & watches them work. This entertains Michael for hours.
3. A mama duck & her 9 ducklings joined us in the pool one afternoon. 4. Kate came in the living room wearing her fairy wings & princess pj's & told me, "I'm a princess, Mommy!"
 At the end of our 2 weeks in Texas, I was dreading doing the long 8+ hour drive by myself with the kids, but they did really well. Random tid-bits from the trip --
*M asked where we would stop for lunch. I told him McDonald's. He said, "Well, that's not very healthy." I told him it was a special treat since we were traveling. Kate said, "It's healthy for me, Mommy! It's healthy for me!"  
*I could have done without the lovely hail storm in Stephenville, TX. We had to pull under 3 different trees. Kate cried. Fun times.
*The Yukon hit 100,000 miles on this trip home.
*The random, funny signs in Mineral Wells, TX that said, "Keep Mineral Wells Crazy" -- Seriously?? 
*Kate had EXTREME enthusiasm every time we saw an animal or a flag - "Mommy! A flag!!" or "Mommy! Look! An amimal!" (love the way she says animal right now :-)
1.I ordered Michael a backpack & lunchbox for Kindergarten. When they came in the mail he was SO excited that he wore the backpack around the house for hours, had his lunchbox in bed with him at rest time & asked me so many times how many more days until Kindergarten, that we counted together on the calendar :-) 2. David is SO close to walking - he took 2 steps last week 3. Pretty Kate 4. Michael so fascinated with watching our new washing machine wash clothes.

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