Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On The Eve of 34...

Sept 13, 2012 - Some things I journaled on the eve of turning 34 -
**I went to a Meet the Masters (parents volunteer to teach an art lesson based on a famous artist) meeting at M's school. I've signed up to teach 2 lessons - one in January & one in February. This meeting made me realize I really miss teaching art...I will again someday.
**When I got home from the meeting Michael, Kate & David were in Michael's room playing Lego's with Andy. So thankful for a wonderful husband who is also a wonderful Daddy to M, K & D.
**When I walked into M's room to say hi, M said, "Mommy, can you put Bubba up? He's messing up my Lego's." Haha - like he's something that I can put in a box or in a closet or something.
**I picked up my Epi Pen from Walgreens tonight - since I've had 2 severe allergic reactions in the last 6 months my Dr. thought it would be a good idea for me to have one with me at all times. Hopefully I will never have another one or have to use the pen, but I'm glad I have it.
**My family is full of growing tummys. I made salmon patties for dinner. The recipe makes 8 patties & it has always fed us, sometimes even with leftovers. But this time there wasn't enough. I need to remember that I am now cooking for 5!!
**It really makes me laugh that M & K call D, "Bubba." It's so hick. But it's so cute too. It's funny how kids come up with things completely on their own. Andy & I never told M & K, "Please call David, Bubba."
**Tomorrow I turn 34 & my Mom turns 68. I am turning the age she did the day I was born. I wish I could be with her tomorrow to celebrate.
**I'm so thankful for God's grace & mercy in my life - all that He has done, is doing & will do. I'm so full of thankfulness that He has allowed me to know Him & that I can walk this life with His peace & presence. He deserves all the glory & praise.

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