Monday, October 8, 2012

My Birthday

It was a bummer that I didn't get to be with my mom (we share the same bday) this year to celebrate. On Friday afternoon my neighborhood friend, Heather, texted me to see if I wanted to try a new workout video at 8pm that night with her & our friend Melody. I really didn't think this was an odd request because Heather & I have been working out 4 mornings a week together. So I said sure. That evening Andy, the kids & I went to eat Mexican food for dinner & then did some furniture shopping. After we got the kids to bed, I put on my workout clothes & headed to our neighborhood clubhouse / workout room. That's when a bunch of the neighborhood girls jumped out & yelled, "Surprise!" Very fun :-) It was humorous that I was in my workout clothes & all the other girls were dressed cute :-) My sweet husband & Heather had been planning for over a week. We had cupcakes, wine & had lots of fun visiting.  

On Saturday we got a babysitter & went to Dave & Buster's with Jonathan & Daree to celebrate. And on Sunday my lifegroup girls treated me to Mexican food at Mama Roja's. It was a wonderful birthday. 

And on Sunday during "nap" time, Kate gave me this wonderful gift -- so thoughtful of her :-) Of course I was the silly one, thinking that putting an entire package of toilet paper under the sink was a good idea. Now I know. 

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Elizabeth said...

my mom has a picture of me sitting in a mess like this, but it was the whole box of Klenex :)