Friday, November 15, 2013

Things to Remember -

*Michael really keeps us in line -
- Andy was working out in the living room, doing T25. He paused it & sat down. M walked over to him & said, "You're quitting? Really? You only have 3 minutes left! Or are you just taking a break?"
- We stayed home from church one weekend because it had been a crazy weekend & I was feeling sick. M said, "Why didn't we go to church?" We explained. He said, "Well, church is very important." Yes it is, sweet boy. Convicted by a 6 yr old! :)
- K asked where Andy was. I said he was at work. M said, "Daddy works very hard for us!"
*M's favorite thing to do right now when he gets home from school is to jump on the trampoline with the football. He pretends he is 2 different teams playing against each other. It's fun to listen to his imagination & how he gets so into it - he will yell, "Touchdown Cowboys!" & then yell the score. So cute.
*Andy has been reading The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe to M & K before bed each night. He was reading the part where Aslan dies - M was crying & really into it. K looks at Andy & says, "Daddy, I have 3 nightgowns with bows on them!" LOL. So funny!!
*Kate still sings all the time. Her favorite song right now is one she has learned at school about a snowman - I'm sure theyre learning it in music for their Christmas program. She sings it at home all the time & taught it to Michael, so now they sing it together.
*David & I have a special bedtime routine now. Every night I hold him & sing Jesus Loves Me. He "sings" it with me - so sweet. Then he lifts his head off my shoulder & says, "One more?" So then I sing, "He's got the whole world in His hands." Then David looks at me & says, "pray?" So I put him in bed & he prays with me, repeating each line. It is the sweetest thing ever….how can 2 be the most frustrating age & the sweetest all at the same time? :)
*M came home from school & said, "Mommy, I HAVE to tell you something. "M…...." (actually saying her name) has a CRUSH on me!" I said, "Oh really?" He said, "YES!" I asked him if he knew what a crush meant. He said, giggling & red faced, "It means she LOVES me!!!" I asked him how he found this info out. He said that a bunch of his friends came over to him at recess singing, "M…. has a crush on you, M…. has a crush on you!" Wow, this is starting already?! :)
*It really makes us laugh that our 1st grader comes home from school singing the same "songs" & little chants we sang as kids - they are timeless. "Mommy & Daddy sitting in a tree…." "Trick or treat, smell my feet…" So funny.
*Time is very important to M. He is always reminding me what time it is, to the exact minute. "Mommy, it's 7:48, we better start watching for the bus." etc. So on daylight savings night I awoke at 4am & realized I hadn't changed his clock. I went into their room to change it, but the buttons are loud & I didn't want to wake them up, so I decided the easiest thing to do would be unplug it. When I woke up later that morning, M was in the living room. I asked him what time he woke up. He said, "Mommy, the weirdest thing happened! My clock didn't have the time on it when I woke up this morning! It was unplugged!!! How did it get unplugged?! I know it was working when I went to bed last night!" Haha. That boy doesn't miss anything!

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