Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Recent Adventures -

2 of my favorite things - Sweet Potatoes & the Texas Longhorns!
Go Colt McCoy!

Look how good I am sitting up! Mommy has been having me practice a lot and I am getting better each day!

I also still like to turn my Boppy pillow into a jungle gym!

Me with some of my favorite toys!
I love to play with Daddy!
Ok, I've had enough!
Please put me to bed!

My cute dinosaur overalls that Mommom's friend, Judy, gave me!
Mommom & I had so much fun during her visit! She read to me and played with me a lot. She gives me lots of attention & I love it:)
I really like my exersaucer. My friends, Ian & Nolan, are letting me borrow it! It is one of favorite things to do now! I love to press the buttons that make animal sounds.
See how happy I am!

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