Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Fun Week -

What a week! I have been a busy boy! On Tues. - Thurs. Karla came over to play with me while Mommy taught preschool art camp at the Fine Arts Institute. She had lots of funny stories to tell when she got home each day!
I also got to go to JC Penney and get my 6 month pictures taken! That was fun too! I was a really happy boy and smiled a lot until they put me on my tummy - that just wasn't my plan, so I let them know...And it worked!
I want to be like Daddy!
Do you like my hair? It's called "The Wave."
Playing with Daddy is so much fun!
I was really tired after running errands and getting to play
with Amanda in the childcare room at Mommy's gym!
Sometimes I get on my tummy to play and really like it! Other times I don't like being on my tummy so much - I think this really confuses
Mommy & Daddy!
I'm a Happy Boy!
I can't wait to get my hands on that silver thing (I think Mommy called it a camera) and try it out myself! Whatever it is, Mommy is obsessed!
I really like to talk and blow bubbles - It is fun to make different noises! Sometimes I "talk" so loud that Mommy has to leave the room to talk on the phone - One time, Mommy & Daddy were trying to talk. I was just wanting in on the conversation - but I guess I was too loud because they left the room to finish talking somewhere else. They said they couldn't hear each other over my voice:)
I love to eat with a spoon! It is getting easier each time I do it! On Friday Mommy gave me sweet potatoes and they were so yummy! Mommy couldn't feed me fast enough - It seemed like every time I opened my mouth, I had to wait forever to get the next bite!

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