Tuesday, August 7, 2007

When Do You Grow? - Poem by Mommy

When do you Grow?
When does it happen?
One minute you are so small,
The next full of smiles & laughter!
You enter the world helpless, a little bundle,
& one morning you awaken with happy talk!
Full of personality,
Full of life,
Full of exploration.
A constant look of discovery on your face,
Learning new things each moment.
But, I still want to know -
When do you Grow?
When does it happen?
Is it while you sleep...or play...or while I'm holding you?
It amazes me, this little life,
How alive you are.
And how with each passing glance,
You change so fast.
Each day is a new adventure,
As I watch you grow & change.
Being your mom is a blessing from the Lord.
A responsiblity, a calling, an honor.
I hold each moment tightly in my heart.
Because I still wonder -
When do you grow?

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