Monday, April 21, 2008

My First Injury!

Mommy & Daddy worked hard on Saturday - it was a beautiful day! I got to play outside while Mommy put my slide together. I also helped Daddy mow the grass & helped Mommy plant flowers. I am such a big helper!
In other news, I am talking all the time! I have several words - of course Mama & Dada. I also say "ba" whenever I see a ball. And I say "da" whenever I see a dog! I also point to my nose when Mommy or Daddy asks me to. And I love to help close things - the fridge, the dishwasher, the dryer, doors...just to name a few!
Cooling off with a piece of ice!
And my injury? Sunday was the day. This is Mommy & me before church. I don't know why I chose to stick out my tongue in this picture. Anyway, I was having a great time playing in my Toddler 1 class. They have really fun toys & I love to be there! I was walking along, maybe a little too fast, when I tripped & hit my mouth on the shapes sorter container. There was lots of blood & I cried a lot. The ladies immediately went to get Mommy out of her Sunday School class. Mommy & Daddy took me home, cleaned me up & gave me some Tylenol. Today I am as good as new!


McCullough Family said...

He looks so big and different! He is dor sure moving into the toddler look and not baby anymore. Funny that he got hurt and church...that happend to Luke a few weeks ago...Blood from his head, scrapes by his eye and on his nose.

Melodie said...

poor Michael. i guess eventually it's got to happen. i know you guys are enjoying these beautiful spring days!