Friday, April 25, 2008

Some Funny Moments...

Mommy has been noticing that I like to store food in the side of my mouth...And I keep it there for a little while. It's a snack for later! Mommy thinks this is gross. But she did feel better when she read in a toddler book that this is normal :)
The other day I was playing in my room. Mommy noticed that I had become very quiet. This is always a signal for her to come look for me:) Anyway, she walked in my room and I was sitting in my closet - I had found my music player and was bouncing up and down to the music. I was having tons of fun:)
Mommy got the Boppy pillow out of the closet for Molly to use while she was visiting our house. I decided I thought the Boppy looked fun too. So since then, I have been walking over to it and sitting down in it for a minute or so. I do this throughout the day:)

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