Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Fun!

This morning before MDO, Mommy gave me my breakfast. A few weeks ago she had tried giving me Earth's Best Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. I did NOT like it! Yesterday she decided to try it again. She even tried to trick me by putting milk & honey in it. But once again, I did NOT like it! When she put the first bite in my mouth, I slowly spit it out, letting it run down my chin, while crying. It wasn't very pleasant. Hopefully that will teach Mommy to not give me oatmeal anymore! This afternoon when Mommy picked me up from Mother's Day Out I was so happy. The ladies told her that I "Just smiled all day long!" The happiness continued when we got home -I love my Noah's Ark! Later I got a bath! I kept looking at the faucet - I just can't figure out this water thing - where does it come from?
One other cute story Mommy told me to share - Every time Mommy puts me to bed, for a nap or for nighttime, she stands at my door as she turns out my light & blows me a kiss. So I figured out how to blow her a kiss! Now when she blows me a kiss, I blow a kiss back to her! She & Daddy think it's so cute :)

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