Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visit to Maddie's House!

This week Mommy & I went to Dallas to see Mommy's life-long friend Candice, and her daughter Maddie. Maddie & I are 3 months apart. We had a great time playing & keeping our mommies VERY busy!
On Thursday we went to Babies R Us - Our mommies put us both in the front of the cart with our snack trap cups filled with goldfish. Our moms were preoccupied with shopping, so I decided it would be fun to feed Maddie some goldfish. I wasn't really hungry anyway. Our moms thought this was the cutest thing ever & they kept pointing their phones at us & taking pictures.
Bath time with Maddie was fun! She had the coolest toys & we got bubbles too!


Lisa said...

Hey Alisa - it's Lisa (Parker) Starr. I found your site on someone else's, and have loved reading about your family. We've come a long way since our Siberia summer. :) You can check us out at Looking forward to keeping up with you!

McCullough Family said...

I love that gold fish pic...what a sweet one that will come out in years to come ;)