Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Relaxing Morning -

Mommy has been feeling very nostalgic these last few days, with my 2 year birthday in a week. She is trying to do better with pictures. Yesterday morning I was being quite the show off & loving the camera...I kept asking her to take more, "again."I love my cat, Mistletoe, that Po & Nana gave me for Christmas. He is the perfect size for me & I carry him everywhere. I love to give my toys hugs & then I have Mommy give them hugs too.

I came in the living room carrying my little toy Ernie & my cat, Mistletoe, so Mommy & I reviewed names. Conversation:
Mommy: "What is his name?" Me: "Ernie"
Mommy: "What is your cat's name?" Me: "Mis-toe"
Mommy: "What is my name?" Me: "Mommy!!"
Mommy: "What is your name?" Me: "My-mul!!"

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