Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am 2 years old today! February 2, 2009

Mommy & Daddy tell me that today is a very special day, my birthday! I am 2! - Today has been a day that I will not soon forget - Let me tell you how my birthday began...Last night I slept horribly (which is very unusual for me). I cried on & off all through the night. At 5am Mommy gave me motrin because I was running a fever. Then she rocked me & I fell back asleep. At 9am she went in my room to check on me - I was still very hot so she called the dr - I didn't want to eat breakfast or anything, just sleep. At 10:45 Mommy woke me up to take me to the Dr. We had our coats on & were standing by the door, when I threw up everywhere, all over Mommy! I cried & cried...this was my first time to ever really get sick like that. Thankfully, Daddy was still home so he helped us clean up & off we went to the dr. My Dr. told me that I still have an ear infection in my right ear (I was treated for it 2 weeks ago). Since I had been sick earlier, my Dr. decided to give me an antibiotic for my infection through a shot. What a great birthday present! It hurt SO bad. All morning I held onto my leg & said, "it hurt." When we got home Mommy & Daddy gave me a bath & some crackers. I started feeling a little better. After napping from 2-6pm, I finally felt good again! I did get to have a fun birthday celebration tonight with friends - Mommy will post photos tomorrow. Not exactly the birthday I had planned, but at least it got better throughout the day :)
Here are a few things Mommy & Daddy want to remember about me right now:
*Mommy bought me a placemat with Sesame Street characters on it. The main one I know is Ernie because I have a little Ernie toy that I like to play with. When Mommy is making my meals I ask for the "Er-ie pacemat."

*Whenever Mommy & Daddy cook I want to watch. I push a chair over to the counter & stand on it to see what they are doing. The other morning I wanted a scrambled egg for breakfast so I said to Mommy, "watch, egg."
*I like to remind Mommy where Daddy is throughout the day. If it is during the week I will randomly say, "Daddy at work." Last Saturday Daddy went to play basketball at church, so all morning I reminded Mommy, "Daddy at b-ball."
*Mommy & Daddy let me have timer time - I play in my room by myself until the timer dings. Usually around 20-30 minutes. I have been doing great with this. Sometimes when the timer goes off I say, "Yea! Ding! Ding!" The other day when the timer went off Mommy heard me say, "Pick up toys!" Then I picked up all my toys completely on my own. When Mommy came to my room to get me, she was amazed that it looked like I hadn't even played in there!!
*I am really big into ownership right now - "My-mul's book, My-mul's shirt, Daddy's shoes, Mommy's drink." ETC.
*Today I was walking around with 2 of my blankets. Mommy asked me how many I was holding. One at a time I held each up & said, "one, two!"
*On Tuesday & Wednesday night I got to play with Molly. The next 2 mornings the first thing I said when Mommy got me up was, "Ma-e?" On Wednesday night I also got to see Jill, my favorite babysitter! So Thursday morning after asking for Ma-e, I asked for Jill. Mommy told me they had both gone home. I made a sad face. Then I asked for Ma-e's bear :) (She has this cute little bear that I really like). Mommy said he had gone home too.

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