Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthday Celebration #1!

Despite my rough start to the day, I ended up having a great birthday! My family party is in Texas this weekend, but we still wanted to celebrate in OK. Mommy & Daddy had a special dinner for me - Jonathan, Daree & Molly came over, along with my favorite babysitter, Jill! We had a great time!Mommy made me cupcakes! I loved watching the candles & blowing them out - Daddy helped me a little. I enjoyed every bite of my cupcake!
Do you like my icing mustache?
After dinner I had a few presents to open - This is me opening my gift from Molly - What a special surprise! Molly has a bear that she always brings to my house that I really like. After Molly & her bear leave I like to ask Mommy for, "Ma-e's Bear." Molly got me the same exact bear! I love it so much already!
Giving Molly a goodby hug - Such sweet friends!


The Swifts said...

oh how cute is that!! hope you had a wonderful birthday, michael!! (minus the throw-up, but at least you'll always remember #2!)

The Swifts said...

we're doing the lessons at the YMCA on penn. are you feeling any better??