Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Day!

Mommy is determined to do better with taking pictures of me. Lately, she has been slacking. It is partly because I go non-stop & am a little difficult to stop for a picture! This morning I happily posed for Daddy! My cars are still my favorite toy! I am talking all the time, often in more complete thoughts & "sentences," although there are still many things I say that only Mommy & Daddy can understand. The other morning I told Daddy to "Get up Daddy off the bed." I also say "Mommy, cars on the floor." As of this week, I have been eating a lot & sleeping a lot...I must be growing!!

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McCullough Family said...

love the shirt :) I'll have to bring Luke's so we can take a pic. He is looking big! And I agree that Kate looks like Michael! It's so fun to see her little face!! Very exciting!