Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coloring Fun!

I have really been enjoying coloring! I like to talk about each color that I am using! As you can see in the photo below, I am very pleased with my work:)
A few fun things I have said this week -
**Randomly to Mommy with lots of enthusiasm - "My-mul has 10 toes!!"
**"Goldfish! Yummy! I love goldfish!" (Also with lots of enthusiasm:)
**Mommy told me we were going to go to the gym so she could exercise - I love going! I get to play in the kid's room with Mimi! Mommy was still in her pj's & this bothered me because I was ready to go! So I looked at her & said, "Mommy! Change your clothes!"
**Yesterday I wanted more crackers but Mommy said no because it was almost dinner time. I got upset & began to overreact, so Mommy sent me to my room & said she would come get me when I was happy. I went to my room & a few minutes went by with me crying. Then I started feeling better & Mommy hadn't come to get me yet so I walked to my door, peeked out, & said, "My-mul is happy!!"
**I wanted to sit in the chair at the kitchen table but Mommy's bag was in the way. I looked at Mommy & said, "Move your bag please!"

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The Goforths said...

Too cute! What fun it is to hear what is going on inside their little minds.