Thursday, May 21, 2009


6 weeks from today, Kate will be here with us! Mommy is enjoying her first week not teaching art on Wednesdays & Thursdays. Because of a little scare last Saturday, Mommy has been told by her Dr. to take it easy & rest more - this is difficult for her, but so far she is doing pretty good:) Tuesday was Mommy & Daddy's 7 year anniversary! They enjoyed a date while Mommom was here last week - While she was here we had so much fun working on Kate's room! I was a big helper :) I loved watching Mommom sew & getting to play with her. Kate's room is almost finished - Mommy has a few more finishing touches before she takes pictures!
A few funny things from last week - Mommy & Mommom were having a conversation & I wanted their attention - I looked at them & said, "No talking! No talking!" Not very nice, I know:) One evening Mommy & Mommom were going through a box of Mommy's toys & dolls. They found Mommy's little stuffed owl that I really liked! I wanted to take him to bed, but Mommy said no because she wanted to wash him first. I guess they took him from me when I wasn't looking...I started asking, "Where owl go?" Mommy & Mommom told me that he flew away, but that he would be back soon. I kept asking for him over & over - for some reason they thought this was funny & got really tickled - I didn't think this was funny at all - I looked at them & said, "Not funny! Not funny!" Hmmm...I still haven't seen owl!
Other fun things: The other day I was coloring - Mommy told me to draw a circle & I did! Mommy was surprised! She didn't have any idea I could do this. Then Mommy wrote an M on the paper & said, "M is for Michael!" Later on Mommy showed me an M & said, "What is that?" I said, "M is for Michael!"
I now say "Michael" instead of "My-mul." This makes Mommy & Daddy kind of sad.
I am becoming much more interested in doing things "by myself." I can get in the car & into the carseat by myself. I also can get into my booster seat & buckle myself in!
Playing with Kate's fabric!

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Elizabeth said...

Yep, such mixed feeling about getting bigger, we were kinda sad when Lydia stopped referring to herself as Nini and instead said Lydia!