Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The First Few Days...

Cuddle time with Mommom

On Saturday morning my bilirubin levels were really high, so I had to lay on what the nurses called, "the beach" all day Saturday & Sunday. This made Mommy, Daddy & Mommom sad because they couldn't hold me. The nurses also had me drink some formula to help with my jaundice.

Daddy giving me a formula bottle. I did so well!

I love my hands by face :)
My jaundice is better now. I had to go through 6 heel pricks-one every morning Thursday through Tuesday! This morning Mommy & Mommom took me to get my last one & this afternoon I got a good report that my levels are down.

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Ross Family said...

I'm glad Kate's jaundice levels are down. It is so sad when they have to lay under the lights.