Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Fun Week!

Kate is ready for visitors! We have had lots of people stopping by our house lately, so Mommy has fun getting Kate dressed up with her accessories!

I am having so much fun with BB this week! She is in town to play with me & help Mommy too. I have had a great time playing cars with her, reading books & playing outside! Currently I have such a fascination with any kind of vehicle. Last week Mommy & Daddy gave me a book called "The Big Truck Book." It has quickly become my favorite - I have had BB read it to me at least 5 times a day:) Today BB took me to a museum & I had the most fun in the parking lot - I told BB, "Michael watch cars!" Mommy loves the way I say pickup truck, "ickup truck" & motorcycle, "motonycle."

Today Kate is 3 weeks old! As you can see, Kate has already been rolling over on her side! She has done this several times, in both directions. She has also begun to follow our faces & track objects. Mommy is loving what a good sleeper Kate is too. Mommy only has to feed her once in the middle of the night - around 4am. Daddy has taken over the 11pm feeding with a bottle, so the past few nights Mommy has gotten 5 hours of sleep in a row! Wow!

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