Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun Michael Moments

Mommom brought me these fun 4th of July socks. I insisted on wearing them with my orange crock shoes. I'm stylin', don't you think?!
Mommy loves my curls :)
I picked up my camera & said to Mommy, "Hey Mommy! Say cheese!"
A few other funny things - Mommom & I were reading in my room before bedtime. I was holding one of my favorite books & Mommom asked me to give it to her so that she could read it to me. I looked at her & said, "Michael doesn't want to share." Well, at least I'm honest, right? :)
- I call Kate "My Kate." "Where did my Kate go?"
- The other morning I was eating my cereal & in quite the entertaining mood. When I am done with my cereal Mommy lets me drink the rest of the milk out of the bowl. After I had done this I looked at her & enthusiastically said, "I drank all my milk Mommy! He he he! I am a tiger! Roarrr!" Mommy just thought it was pretty funny & random:)

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