Thursday, March 11, 2010

Funny Guy...

Mommy thought the above painting I did was really beautiful, so she cut it up & made thank you cards.
A few things I have said lately that Mommy wants to remember -
We were about to play Uno & Mommy was passing out the cards. I said, "You want to hold the red cards Mommy? You're wearing red PJ's!" (I was trying to be subtle - it was time for Mommy to put on regular clothes since it was nearly noon :)
We were driving to Bible study & I said, "Mommy, is Daddy at Bible study?" She said, "No, he's at work." I said, "Well, sometime you need to take me up there so I can see what he do & see his 'puter'(computer)."
Kate was eating & I felt the need to give her instructions - "Don't get rice rusk on your bib! No mam!" Mommy told me this was not a nice way to talk to my sister.
Kate squealed REALLY loud & high-pitched. I looked at her & said, "Seriously, Kate."


Elizabeth said...

haha, these are JUST like our house. Lydia used to day pudo for computer. She often tells Gloria no mam but when Gloria squeals she says-Really Gloria?

Melodie said...

I like that Michael takes his job as big brother seriously and is already bossing. That made me laugh.