Monday, March 22, 2010

A "Not So Spring-y" Spring Break

We had a nice spring break last week, although the weather wasn't very spring-like. It was fun to have a free week with not a lot planned.
Monday - Daddy took the day off to hang out with us. Mommy & Daddy did some yard work even though it was chilly. I got to help & did a good job of scratching my face:)
Tuesday - We went to the zoo with some friends & it was COLD but we had a great time. That's me with my sweet friend Zachary.

Wednesday - I got to have friends over! Evelynn & Gavin, along with their siblings & mommies, came over for a playdate! We had lots of fun! That evening we met Daddy for dinner - he had to work a little bit later than usual. As we were getting ready to go meet him, Kate said her first "word!" Mommy looked at Kate & said, "Do you want to go see Daddy?" She looked at Mommy & said, "DaDa!"

Thursday - I helped Mommy with some housework. She had been wanting to clean the kitchen floor grout for a while so Thursday morning we got busy with a toothbrush & cleaner - 2 hours later we had a VERY clean floor (& a very tired Mommy)!

Friday & Saturday - Some friends on Mommy & Daddy's business team came into town for a quick visit & we had a get-together. Mommy had fun shopping & getting pedicures with the girls on Saturday. It also snowed ALL DAY - the first day of spring!

Sunday - Kate got a bath:) Of course Kate gets baths all the time, but Mommy realized she doesn't have near the bath pictures of Kate that she has of me. So, we took a picture!

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