Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kate is 8 months old! March 2, 2010

Showing off my new skill - Clapping!
One of my favorite activities - Watching big brother Michael! He is quite entertaining!
I am becoming such big girl! I get to sit in the stroller now without being in my carrier! I love it!
I am such a happy girl! I'm not crawling yet, but I play more contently on my tummy, so that's a step in the right direction. I LOVE to watch Michael & just stare at him constantly. I also love my jumper! I am eating baby food really well & like it all, so far. I also love puffs, now that I have finally figured out how to pick them up & get them to my mouth! Currently I am cutting my top 2 middle teeth. Mommy can feel the ridges of them - yay! I started clapping this month & I also have lots to say, whether it be da, ba, ga, or a really loud, happy squeal!!

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