Monday, April 26, 2010


We've gotten a little behind on our blog lately - we've been busy! Here are a few updates -
"I want to draw with my markers!" I say this to Mommy often. Mommy has noticed that my art work is looking less like scribbles & more like designs & images - she loved all my circles & zigzags on this one.
Kate thinks I am SO funny! She laughs & smiles at me all the time! Of course I love the attention! I have been on a roll lately. Here are a few things I've said recently -
*Mommy & I were playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O & it was her turn. She asked me to help her count & I said, "Well, I can't right now because I am busy working."

*Kate was doing something I didn't approve of, so I told her in my best big brother voice, "You don't do that Kate. You don't do that! You need to obey!"

*I haven't liked getting my teeth brushed lately, "But I don't want to brush my teeeeeeeeth!" Mommy asked me why I don't like having my teeth brushed & I responded, "Because I am Michael & I don't like it."

*On the way to Bible study the other morning I asked if Daddy was going to be there. Mommy said no, that he is at work. And I said, "It is fun to like Daddy. He is my special Daddy. And you are my special Mommy."

Sweet Kate had her first little sickness this weekend - an ear infection. But she is on the road to recovery. She is busy trying to figure out how to move - she has learned how to turn herself around in a complete circle. She is following my time-line almost exactly - I started scooting around & crawling at 10 months.

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