Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kate is 9 Months Old! April 2, 2010

On Friday I turned 9 months old! Not much new to share about me...I am happy. I smile & laugh all the time, especially at Michael (he is really all the entertainment I need!) I love puffs & rice rusks...Mommy is going to start more finger foods with me this week. I 'talk' all the time - I love to share all my stories. I am sleeping fabulously, with Mommy having to wake me up most mornings around 8:30. My favorite thing to do right now, outside of being in my jumper, is to be on the floor with toys, especially some of Michael's toys (that are age appropriate for me, of course:) I love his Leap Frog school bus, his phone, his little people...etc. I have 4 teeth, with more on the way. I love to clap my hands & will spontaneously start clapping all the time.
I am just a little Princess, adored by Mommy, Daddy & Michael!!

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