Friday, December 31, 2010

Funny Kate

Kate really makes us laugh. She loves spaghetti, as you can see. She loves going outside. When the door gets opened for our dog, she lifts her arms in the air & says, "ow-si" over & over & over...and then when I tell her no - that it's too cold, or dark - she throws a fit! When I do let her outside, she walks really fast to the middle of the backyard, then sits down & plays with the grass & leaves, being entertained for as long as I will let her stay out. She could care less about the temperture, the dirt, or the wind. She slides down the slide head-first. Boy, are she & Michael different :)
Her other favorite right now is books. I think every single family member that was here over Christmas read her AT LEAST one book, but probably more. In the above photo, she is "reading" to herself - loudly talking in gibberish as she turns the pages. If anyone sits down, Kate takes that as a cue that they are sitting down to read to her! She quickly finds a book, roughly "throws" it in their lap & says, "re a bo!!!" with lots of enthusiasm.

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