Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little About Michael

Michael's Fall School Picture
About 6 weeks away from turning 4, I am saying, "HOW can he be turning 4?!" I guess I wouldn't be a mom if I wasn't asking that! Michael is a true joy. He brings me laughter everyday. Today was his last day at his current MDO because we are starting him in a new preschool in January. His teacher told me today, "I just can't imagine our class without Michael in it next semester. We love him so much!" My thoughts exactly - I can't imagine life without him & I love him so much. Even on days that he challenges my sanity :) A few things I want to remember -
*M loves to help me around the house - collecting all the laundry & helping me sort it; collecting all the trash cans & emptying them; Putting food in Matthew's bowl; Putting the silverware away
*My nicknames for Michael - My Man; Sweet boy; Buddy
*LOVES his stuffed animals - his favories are Bear, Pumpkin, Pedro, Tiger
*He is getting more & more independent - uses the potty/flush/wash hands; Opens/Closes fridge to get his drink or put it back; Pj's on by himself; Completely dresses himself to his shoes, except needs help with socks.

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The Goforths said...

This post made me a little sad... Dade will be turning SEVEN in a couple of months! HOW can time possibly be going by so quickly?! Michael is just precious!