Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Advent Calendar

Mommy made us an Advent calendar this year! She found some really fun ideas online & then created a list of 25 activities. I really like opening the number each day to see what special activity we will do to celebrate Christmas! On Day 1 we read about Jesus' birth, Day 2 we decorated a Santa sheet with markers & cotton balls, Day 3 we made hot chocolate & shared what we are thankful for & today, Day 4, we took pictures with Santa Clause & went to ToysRUs to buy a present for a little boy on the Angel Tree at Daddy's work.

This was Day 2 & I loved it! Look how good I am coloring in the lines!! I had lots of fun gluing the cotton balls to make Santa's beard!
Kate had fun coloring her Santa too!
My finished product - done completely by myself without any help from Mommy!

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Matt and Manda said...

Man, when I first looked at this pic I immediately though, "man he has so many Matt features"!! It must be a Nelson thing =)