Saturday, January 22, 2011

My New Bed!

Last weekend I got a new bed - a family from church didn't need it anymore, so we were so excited to get it from them! It is big & I love it! Mommom & Papa George got me the quilt set as an early birthday present & Mommy & Daddy got me Lightening McQueen sheets - so cool!
So, Mommy wants to remember some sweet / funny things I've said & done lately -
*I came up to Mommy with my sleeve pushed up, pointing to my arm - "Am I getting a little hair on my arms? Because I will be a grown up soon? But I don't want to grow up too fast. I want to be a kid a little longer. Being a kid is so much fun!"
*I told Mommy I wanted to say hi to Baby David so I made her walk over to me. Then I patted her tummy & said, "Hi David. I love you." I have also been coming up to Mommy & giving David hugs & kisses. I can't wait to meet him!
*Yesterday my many questions & topics of conversation with Mommy included, but aren't limited to, - what is in the walls? What is under the floor? Why do girls not have penises? Does Baby David have a penis? Where is Lightening McQueen's engine? Why are there cracks in the road? Why does food go bad if it isn't the fridge? etc. etc. etc. Mommy & Daddy think my questions are quite entertaining :)
*We got home from the grocery store & Mommy walked in the house from getting all the groceries out of the car - she thought it was so sweet when she saw me sitting on the floor with Kate, unbuttoning her coat & helping her take it off.

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Matt and Manda said...

I LOVE this!!! I would love to hear these conversations you guys are having! =) Such a fun time for you guys!! (I just sat here and giggled at this, but then almosted cried bc I miss M & K sooo much!!)