Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hard At Work

Tonight when I walked into Michael's room to put him to bed, he was sitting at his little table with his Pooh laptop & one of our old cell phones that he plays with. He looked at me seriously & said, "I have to work tonight." I said, "Oh really? What are you working on?" He replied, "I have to work on my computer and phone. Bear needs some toys." Then he went back to work, typing away on his computer & talking on his phone. Love, Love, Love it.


RachelShingleton said...

LOVE love love this boy! He is so precious. Cheryl and I were talking today about how we really miss having him at our BSF! I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but he really was my favorite. :)


Jennifer said...
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Matt and Manda said...

Oh my goodness... another Nelson businessman in the making!! hehe What a sweet sweet lil boy!! Give him lots of love from Aunt Manda!! =)